A new underwater vessel will be able to «fly» in water, like a plane in the air 2 октября, 2021


Engineers have developed a radically new prototype of a superfast underwater vessel, which can move in water as an airplane in the air and dive with a depth of 1 km in five minutes.

The new submersible apparatus has a three-meter cigar-shaped case with a guidance system in the nose, the steering wheel of the jet aircraft and the propeller in the stern. Two side tubes with external batteries connecting with the housing form an analogue of the wings, which, according to engineers, allow the ship to quickly immerse and pop up.

The prototype is able to develop speed up to 10 knots and descend to a depth of 1000 m three meters per second, which takes about 5.5 minutes. The unmanned apparatus has twenty main systems, including a computer, equipment for communication and observation. It can be driven by conventional batteries or a chemical engine that mixes lithium and sulfur hexafluoride to produce heated steam for electric generators — an energy source often used in torpedoes.

The team of developers from Shenyang University says that their robot can be the basis for conducting underwater search and rescue operations, naval data collection, high-precision mapping of the bottom or delivering minerals to the surface.

After completion of the test, engineers plan to improve the device by creating a coating of air bubbles to reduce friction.

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