A project of a self-sufficient floating processing station has been developed 2 октября, 2021


Engineer Honglin Li introduced a project of a self-sufficient floating skyscraper intended for processing garbage and cleaning seawater.

The developed Filtration concept provides for the construction of a surface platform and a vertical structure with several installations for the recovery of materials and sewage treatment facilities. The proposed technologies make a self-sufficient station, since the system will provide a sufficient amount of environmentally friendly energy for the autonomous processing of entire «garbage continents».

In conventional installations, the collection, sorting and distribution of garbage is based on the strength of gravity and several containers. The floating skyscraper uses sea water to download and lifting garbage and polluted water into the upper part of the building. After that, it takes separation and filtering, upon completion of which the end products are lowered down.

As a result, purified water enters the bottom, and the final processing products can be delivered to the shore in two ways. The first provides for loading on transport vessels, and the second use of tidal energy.

In general, Honglin Lee’s proposal provides a safe and even regenerating solution to combat floating waste.

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