A rare brother of the Ukrainian «dream» — «SPORT-304» 26 декабря, 2021


They brought in a very interesting retro radio for restoration. Of course, it would be much nicer to get a «sister», but this is on the verge of fantasy — there are so few of them left.

The Dnepropetrovsk Radio Plant was a very unique enterprise in the USSR. The whole country knew TVs

In 1961, the plant begins to produce transistor radios

Since 1964, the production of radios of two brands begins:


Since 1965, the plant has been mastering HF radio receivers.

It would seem, why would a radio receiver «

In the radio

To understand why such a huge body was needed, let’s take a look at the «sister» of the radio receiver

As they say in such cases: «Find the twelve differences.» There are only two external differences: a strange switch on the left of the front panel and a slightly thicker top cover

Thanks to this, the portable radio can be easily converted … … into a radio!

The mechanism of the electric playing device (EPU) is made very compact. The rotation from the electric motor is transmitted through a roller system.

For a long time I could not understand: how with such a small disk it is possible to provide a uniform rotation speed? A leather case with a handbag was attached to the radio. In this purse there was a special disc-stand with a diameter of 174 mm and a thickness of 2 mm. It was recommended to put it under the gramophone record. The disc’s weight of 370 grams was enough to ensure uniform rotation at all speeds.

Considering that the early 70s is the era of the reign of vinyl discs, a portable compact radio really «

The radio receiver circuit is practically typical, on nine germanium transistors. It does not have any special outstanding characteristics, but it pulls out for an honest 3rd class.

Such is the amazing apparatus half a century ago.

Take a look at

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