Allianz will use blockchain to optimize insurance payments 2 октября, 2021


One of the largest insurance companies in the world Allianz SE develops for its corporate clients a blockchain-based token, which will help optimize cross-border payments.

International Holding expects a future ecosystem to make it easy to carry out transparent and instantaneous money transfers for various types of insurance payments.

Representatives of Allianz reported that the project is still on the experimental stage, but the basic infrastructure has already been formed and tested. Further, the company plans to work out the mechanism for the implementation of electronic transfers using tokens in a limited volume and for a short period of time to confirm the hypothesis.

Earlier, the management of the insurance company did not hide his skeptic attitude towards cryptocurrency, but studied the potential of their use in his business.

The largest global companies continue to integrate the blockchain in various areas of their activities. Recently, Amazon reported that it plans to use technology for accommodation and

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