Automatic following technology will allow the driver to drive two trucks at the same time 2 октября, 2021


Peloton has developed an automated tracking system that allows one person to effectively manage two trucks at the same time.

Many automakers and government institutions explore various options for exploring unmanned vehicles. In addition to automation and savings on drivers, the possibility of forming autonomous columns from trucks will reduce the distance between them, reducing the congestion, accidents and fuel consumption, including by the aerodynamic advantage of the pursuers.

However, while the technology remains experimental, the California startup offers an alternative solution for road carriers. The AUTOMATED FOLLOW feature recently developed by Peloton allows the truck driver to associate its vehicle with another to simultaneously control both.

For this, the company establishes a radar braking system and special software. The unmanned truck moves ahead of the vehicle with a person, completely copying its actions (steering, acceleration and braking).

Representatives of PeloTon say that technology allows you to double the labor productivity of the drivers and to reduce fuel consumption by 7%. Now the company cooperates with a limited number of customers and is still unknown when it plans to bring the product to the market, because it continues to conduct joint tests.

Unmanned control technology will soon be applied not only in automotive, but also sea transport. About this and other shipbuilding trends in the next decade you can learn from our

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