Bakkt began testing Bitcoin futures 2 октября, 2021


Bakkt platform

It was almost a year from the time when the Internet Exchange Exchange and Clearing Chambers of Exchange announced plans to create a cryptocurrency division. Initially, the launch of the Platform Ball is scheduled for December 2018, but due to repeated delays

Bakkt plans to offer American traders access to Bitcoin Fiwress with a physical calculation. This means that after their term, the owner will receive not the cash equivalent of the cost of the contract, as on the CME and CBOE exchanges, but directly the cryptocurrency itself. Investors will be able to work with daily and monthly contracts.

The platform is designed for conservative institutional clients, which, with the help of their products, plans to interest investment in the Bitcoin market.

In addition to Bakkt, Bitcoin futures contracts are planning to launch LEDGERX and ERISX, recently received CFTC permission. However, the preliminary timing of the launch of their products is unknown.

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