Bakkt will launch delivery bitcoin futures September 23 2 октября, 2021


Bakkt announced the approval of regulators on the launch of the supply bitchoin futures, and plans to start their release on September 23.

On Friday, the CEO of Bakkt Kelly Lefler wrote on the blog about the successful completion of the procedure for self-defense of new contracts and acceptance testing users. Therefore, next month, the platform will start working with Ice Futures US and Ice Clear US, concluding daily and monthly futures contracts for bitcoins with them.

When calculating the value of new trading products, unregulated spot markets will not be taken into account, which will provide a transparent pricing mechanism, will reduce the effect of manipulations and other adverse external factors.

Coordination of the issue of new products to the market with the Commission on Securities and Exchange, Commission on Commercial Futures, as well as the New York State Administration has been delayed for a whole year. Initially, the daughter company InterContinental Exchange reported on its plans in August 2018 and several times

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