will launch his own R2P stock exchange 2 октября, 2021


The site of has announced the launch of its own R2P cryptocurrency exchange in early September.

The trading platform will become another additional service of the company, in addition to the already proposed wallet, news service and cryptocinel. With the help of the exchange plans to stimulate the development of not only the stock market of the VNC, but also other altcoins.

Initially, popular cryptocurrency with large market capitalization will be available on the platform, such as Bitcoin, Lightcoin, ether, as well as the Bitcoin Cache in the Bitcoin, Simple Ledger Protocol (SLP) token. Traders will be offered a choice of about 50 shopping pairs.

Although Roger is sure that the future is for Bitcoin Cesh, but said that SLP tokens have a huge potential due to their versatility, allowing you to make anything anything.

Another news from has become news of the care of Roger Vera from the post of Director General, which is now held by the executive chairman.

Recall that already

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