Bombs, robots, drones and other innovations in fire extinguishing 2 октября, 2021


In Russia, 579 people account for one firefighter, while in Sweden one fireman ensures the safety of 2,000 inhabitants. At the same time, the number of victims per hundred thousand people of Sweden is 6 times less, which indicates the weak efficiency of Russian tools to combat fire. Innovation, which are already used in different countries of the world will help increase efficiency.

The standard fire truck consumes 2300 liters of water for 7-8 minutes. The German installation of LUF-60 is able to spray 2400 liters of water in a minute when weighing only 2 tons. In addition, it switches from foam water and can be remotely controlled. When water dissipation, the maximum range of LUF-60 reaches 60 meters, when working with foam — 35 meters.

The installation consists of a 140 hp engine, a diesel and hydraulic tank by 60 and 40 liters, a two-stage centrifugal pump, water cannons for 360 nozzles for 15-20 bar and a fan at a speed of 165 km / h.

The official website of LUF-60 presents 5 reports on the extinguishing of real fires in Germany and Australia.


One of the shortcomings of common fire systems is the destruction of water not only fire, but also the entire property. The Hi-Fog system has the effectiveness of traditional sprinkler fire extinguishing systems, but consumes much less water through the use of special sprinklers and spray heads. The effectiveness of these heads is to dissipate small droplets of water with a greater frequency.

Hi-Fog is already used in more than 50 institutions of Poland, Great Britain, Germany, Holland, Canada, Finland, Italy, Spain, Sweden and France.

A really innovative solution is the development of Elide Fire — a ball for instant fire extinguishing in the range of 4 meters. Easy to use the subject weighs just over 1 kg and does not require any skills for use, it is enough to throw it into the fire. When contacting Elide Fire with a flame language inside the ball, a chemical reaction will occur, which causes the explosion and the propagation of fire extinguishing powder. It is noteworthy that even children who, in most cases, do not know the instructions for working with a conventional fire extinguisher can use such a bomb.

In addition, Elide Fire is perfect for extinguishing a fire without human participation. For this, the ball just needs to be left at a place of possible fire.

The Signifire system consists of two components: a digital camcorder and a computer with a special software that can recognize smoke and fire in the image. The use of this technology is most appropriate in open places or high buildings, where you do not work smoke analyzers. For example, forest services, oil tower or large warehouses with high ceilings.

Signifire analyze every video frame several times per second, which makes it possible to detect the problem earlier than the smoke gas analyzer can do. Each pixel in the image is compared with the previous state. If the pixel becomes blurred, adjacent pixels are checked. So identifies smoke.

Find the fire allows changing the brightness of pixels. Signifire was trained in thousands of bonfires to correctly determine the rate of change of brightness during fire and not confuse it with the movement of objects or the rays of the sun.

Dron from the Latvian company Aerones is connected to a source of water supply by fire hose, which does not prevent him from take off to a height of up to 300 meters. Conventional firewall stairs can raise a person just 70 meters away, while drone can be controlled from the ground. The flight time does not exceed 30 minutes, but this problem can be solved by connecting the device directly during operation to the network.

Students from Virginia invented a fire extinguisher who does not need a foam or water. Their device creates low sound frequencies from 30 to 60 Hz, which perfectly copble with small fires. The secret of the device consists in focusing sound waves in a certain direction, which drive out oxygen. The fire extinguisher’s device consists of a collimator (a device for obtaining and directions of parallel particle beams) and amplifier, and weigh about 6 kg.

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