Bosch will make a three-dimensional car dashboard 2 октября, 2021


Bosch is developing a new generation of interactive displays that will be reported in three-dimensional form.

To create such an effect, a passive 3D technology is used, which actually combines two frames into one, so the driver can see messages and icons in three dimensions, without special glasses and eye tracking systems.

Bosch research has shown that drivers notice and interpret important information faster when it is represented in 3D than when it is displayed on the usual screen. Motorists get a more accurate picture of the plug, soon collision or that is behind, if, for example, the rear view camera provides 3D video filming. In the future, three-dimensional graphics will also be able to signal the driver of the unmanned vehicles about the need to get behind the wheel.

The company claims that three-dimensional dashboards are quite real and significantly closer to production than it may seem. According to developers, the depth of the display allows you to emphasize the driver’s attention on important visual information. Alerts that seem to pop out from the screen are much more visible and urgent.

Bosch is not engaged in the production of cars, so the appearance of 3D instrument panels in new models depend on automakers with which it cooperates. However, the company reported that it was ready to fulfill almost any order, be it a small and flat, curved, round or hexagonal screen. More information about this technology will be told at the Frankfurt Motor Show, which will open in September.

At the beginning of the year, the German company also introduced laser

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