Buderin offered a new Etheric transaction check model 2 октября, 2021


Vitalik Biderin offers to go to a new model for checking Etheriaum transactions to improve scalability and interest large organizations.

In his interview, the founder of the platform said that scalability is now the main obstacle to the popularity of cryptocurrency. The problem is that large companies simply make no sense to use Ethereum blockchain due to a high level of workload. Their participation will overload the network and create competition for processing transactions, which will lead to an increase in the commission fivefold.

This situation puts on the project team, forcing the refusal to join. Therefore, Biderin is developing

The essence of the idea is that each computer will not check everything, but only a small part of transactions. According to him, this will reduce costs more than 100 times, and although such a step to some extent damage security, but it will be insignificant.

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