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ECB will carefully monitor cryptocurrency transactions 2 октября, 2021


The European Central Bank will improve the monitoring system for cryptocurrency transactions and will begin to track imaging movements in order to better assess the potential risks of their use.

The new report says that possible threats and side effects from digital currencies depend on their relationship with the real economy. Therefore, the organization decided to extend the study of this topic and carry out a deeper analysis.

The ECB indicates that, despite the public character of the blockchas, providing transparency of the operations performed, decentralization and partial regulation of the industry complicates the full collection of data. To some extent, this is associated with incoming transactions on the stock exchanges and the use of multi-level protocols.

According to the authors, more thorough observation will allow you to systematize information, increase the reliability of the data and will help state structures to deal with trading platforms that contribute to money laundering.

ECB has long been concerned about the growth of cryptocurrency popularity, and his chairman of Mario Dragi

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The Financial Regulator of the UK will not control Bitcoins and Ether 2 октября, 2021


The Great Britain’s financial regulation and supervision management reported that digital currencies as Bitcoin and Ether are located outside its competence.

FCA has released an updated version of the cryptocurrency guide in which it clarifies its policy to a new class of assets. In document Bitcoin, Ether and other similar digital currencies are equated with decentralized exchange tokens, so the agency emphasizes that they are not included in the scope of its activities and are outside its competence.

However, FCA will resolve the Security-tokens to some extent, as they consider them as digital assets with special functions that provide the same rights and obligations as promotions or debt instruments.

Under supervision will also be utility-tokens, allowing you to access certain services or services, but only those that perform the role of electronic money.

Both these conditions are distributed on the stelkopins, so some of them will be adjusted.

While the UK methodically forms its policy with respect to a new class of assets, the Indian government plans to introduce hard control over the market and even

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Walmart patents his own cryptocurrency 2 октября, 2021


The world’s largest wholesale and retail network Walmart filed a patent application for cryptocurrency attached to the US dollar.

According to the description, the digital currency should help people having limited access to the banking system. In addition, low-income families will be able to access an alternative, less costly means of managing funds in institutions providing the bulk of their daily needs.

The application provides several concepts of the Walmart Stelkin. One option provides for the use of digital currency only in separate stores and partner branches. In others, it is considered the possibility of its widespread use.

Retailer also plans to pay interest to the holders and provide the possibility of free savings and cashing. In addition, the Walmart Token can store the client purchases on the blockchain to offer them discounts and access to loyalty programs.

Other features include the use of biometric identification or restriction of available purchases, for example, for a ban on a cigarette purchase, juvenile alcohol.

Recall that Walmart already uses blockchas

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Buderin offered a new Etheric transaction check model 2 октября, 2021


Vitalik Biderin offers to go to a new model for checking Etheriaum transactions to improve scalability and interest large organizations.

In his interview, the founder of the platform said that scalability is now the main obstacle to the popularity of cryptocurrency. The problem is that large companies simply make no sense to use Ethereum blockchain due to a high level of workload. Their participation will overload the network and create competition for processing transactions, which will lead to an increase in the commission fivefold.

This situation puts on the project team, forcing the refusal to join. Therefore, Biderin is developing

The essence of the idea is that each computer will not check everything, but only a small part of transactions. According to him, this will reduce costs more than 100 times, and although such a step to some extent damage security, but it will be insignificant.

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Zuckerberg promised to achieve permission of regulators to launch Libra, no matter how much time it will take 2 октября, 2021


Mark Zuckerberg stated that Facebook would spend how much time to get the approval of regulators and politicians to launch Libra.

Speaking to investors, the head of the largest social network tried to convince them that the company would be responsible approach to the development of his cryptocurrency project. According to him, due to the importance and strict control of this sphere, Facebook expected many questions from the very beginning.

Mark Zuckerberg said that the development of White Paper was attended by 27 potential members of the Libra Association Board of Governors, so the team understood that they would have to go through it.

Initially, the cryptocurrency was planned to be launched in the first half of 2020, but since regulatory authorities and policies

Despite the fact that Facebook has not yet launched its cryptocurrency, studies show that investors and social network users are already

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The difference between the blockchain and distributed registry (DLT) on the example of Bitcoin and Ripple 2 октября, 2021


The concepts of «blockchain» and «Distributed Registry Technology (DLT)» are very often used as synonyms, although in fact it is not so. This material will help to figure out the distinctive features and no longer be confused.

So that the article is not amorphous, you must first make a technical comparison and decide on the concepts.

DLT is a technology storage technology, important features of which is the absence of a central management body, sharing and synchronization of information according to the consensus algorithm and, most importantly, the distribution of this database in different geographic points.

Frequently encountered registry words, book and magazine are the abstract impuration of the concept of «DLT-Table». The DLT table is a technical term that defines the data structure of a two-dimensional array created long before Bitcoin.

Best of all the differences are visible on the examples. Ripple can be attributed to relevant DLT examples, because only two weeks ago, Bank of America filed an application for a computational system based on Ripple Distributed Ledger Technology. Ripple development is excellent to banks and really find practical application, so their technology is worthy to act as a representative of DLT.

The classic examples of the blockchain are Bitcoin and Ethyurium, so they will be representatives from the Blockchal family.

The presented table clearly shows the difference between the DLT and the blockchain, the explanation of which will look further.

The illustration shows that Distributed Ledgers is the basic technology of distributed databases, while the blockchain is only a type of DLT. The main difference is in one important aspect — decentralization.

In the public blockchain, each person can become a miner or set a code to directly participate in data verification, while DLT tables can be private. The blockchain is necessarily open to all in use and control, while DLT structures are necessarily distributed, but not necessarily decentralized.

Best of all about the difference between decentralization and distribution is described in the book of S.Raval «decentralized applications. Technology blockchain in action «, but if there is no reading time, this illustration from the book will help to navigate.

The concept of «private blockchain» is even more misleading. Such a phrase should not exist at all, and in its creation, marketers were to blame, which in 2017-2018 for promoting products on the basis of private distributed registers began to massively add to them the Khaipova word «blockchain». As a result, the concept of the block surrounded into the «public blockchain» in order not to confuse God’s gift with the scrambled eggs.

«In the corporate space, people apply the concept of» private blocks «, although it is rooted incorrectly from a technical point of view. Such products are not at all blockchas, rather, they can be called an improved database management system, «the manager believes

Cheng still gives us tribute to private blocks in terms of technology development: «The increase in productivity compared to the classic blockchain is huge. I would even give these innovations to the rating from 9 to 10, while the public chains of Bitcoin and Etherum blocks can be estimated from 0 to 1.

Unfortunately, the technologies on which Bitcoin and Ethyurium is founded are inconvenient for mass adoption, while private distributed registries in many aspects are better suited for practical implementation. Proof is the list of the most

In the distributed DLT book, the number of those who can become a node, use and access access to it is limited. Management decisions remain behind the only company or group of companies as in

As for the timestamp of adding data, it can be both in the public blockchain and in the usual DLT table, so temporary transaction tags cannot be attributed to differences. As an example, we give CORDA R3 — distributed DLT, in which there is a consensus algorithm and time tags, but there is no block chain.

So, the main difference between the general concept of DLT and the blockchain is decentralization, which is optional in DLT, but mandatory in the public blockchain.

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Hacker, working for bitcoins, is spoken by 20 months in prison 2 октября, 2021


The Briton was sentenced to 20 months in prison with a confiscation of $ 487 thousand in pounds of sterling for the provision of hacker services and theft of personal data in exchange for cryptocurrency.

At today’s court hearing, nineteen-year-old Eliot Ganton pleaded guilty.

Earlier, the police found evidence on his laptop that the young Briton offered personal data and phone numbers of third-party. Its clients could use information to intercept calls and text messages.

Eliot also advertised his hacker services for $ 3 thousand in Bitcoins. Law enforcement agencies seized in him cryptocurrency for about $ 335 thousand.

Police officers accidentally discovered evidence of its involvement when they went home with another checking home, since Ganton since 2016 was registered. Although by the court decision, he was sentenced to 20 months in prison, but immediately was released, since he was already serving a sentence.

However, it must transfer illegally earned 407,359 pounds sterling, and for 3.5 years it will be limited to the use of the Internet, browsers, VPN and cloud services. It is also forbidden to use cryptocurrency, electronic wallets and stock exchanges without notifying the police and transferring all parts and addresses.

Recall that Russia last year Rakib

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A new way of manufacturing three-dimensional carbon objects has been opened. 2 октября, 2021


Celvin Fu, Associate Professor of Mechanical Engineering Department at the University of Delaware, developed a new three-dimensional printing method, which allows you to create various volumetric objects from carbon nanotubes.

Previously, this was considered impossible, since it is difficult to make it so that dense highly concentrated carbon inks proceed through a 3D printer and formed three-dimensional structures. However, the scientist claims that he found another way.

So far, Fu does not disclose the principle of work of the new technology, but plans to tell how he did it in November at the international conference and the exhibition of mechanical engineering IMECE.

Using its own technique, he published a variety of complex three-dimensional objects from carbon nanotubes, including tiny copies of the Eiffel Tower and the Great Wall of China, the face of a small pig, honeycomb and the logo of their university. Each of them has a width of just a few centimeters and is durable. At the same time, objects are so easy to stay on the inflorescence of the ripe dandelion, without destroying it.

The technology allows you to make durable polymer composites from several materials with unique properties. Since carbon nanotubes are carried out and chemically stable, new composites can be used in batteries, electronics, sensors, water purification and desalination systems, medical implants and many other things.

Recall that recent scientists have created

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The US Army will equip the armored personnel carriers with laser weapons by 2022 2 октября, 2021


The US Army is developing high-energy lasers for its wheelchair armored cars and plans to create a working prototype by 2022.

The Ministry of Defense concluded contracts for the creation of a directional energy weapon with three contracting companies totaling $ 203 million. In the framework of the project, the military wants to obtain 50 kW lasers and by 2022 to already establish them for four BTRs.

The main task will be the protection of maneuvering brigades from drone, helicopters, rockets, artillery and mortars.

According to Lieutenant-General Neil Turguda, the head of the research division of the army, it’s time to go beyond the demonstrations and transfer the directional energy weapons into the hands of the soldiers on the battlefield to reveal its combat potential.

However, according to last year’s report of the Congress on this topic, laser weapons are still facing serious problems, among which the generation of sufficient capacity, cooling, limited action radius and reduced efficiency in bad weather.

The US military is also interested in the development of an amateur engineer who created in the garage combat

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Samsung added 13 new Dapps to its online Blockchain Keystore 2 октября, 2021


Samsung has expanded the list of proposed decentralized applications to 17 items.

In March, the South Korean company opened its online store Dapp Blockchain Keystore after the release of the smartphone

The technical giant is proud that the first began to offer products focused on blockchain and cryptocurrency. However, competitors are also preparing for entering this market.

In June, Apple has released Cryptokit for iOS 13, and in early July LG registered a trademark

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