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France is equipped with machine guns and lasers satellites 2 октября, 2021


The French Ministry of Defense plans to launch a new generation satellites in orbit equipped with machine guns and laser weapons by 2030.

Florence Parli, Minister of Armed Forces, announced that the program of cosmic defense of the country annually will be allocated from the budget for € 700 million, and by 2025 more than € 4.3 billion will be settled. This money will be used to upgrade the existing network of military communication satellites, The development of innovative combat orbital apparatus and the creation of the Center for Cosmic Operations of the Air Force in Toulouse.

Engineers will equip new companions with cameras to identify opponents, and the next generation armted automated machine guns and lasers, which can not only damage, but also destroy enemy targets.

In addition, by 2030, France’s Ministry of Defense wants to be able to bring into orbit a nanostotelnikov with various active or passive cargo capable of protecting strategic objects. The program also provides for the development of a system of quick launch of new satellites to replace lost.

Florence Parley says that the ultimate goal is not to develop an offensive strategy, but to ensure active protection for self-defense. According to her, thanks to the space forces, France will be able to respond to hostile acts from other countries, in the event of their occurrence. At the same time, the program will not contradict the Cosmos Agreement, which directly prohibits the use of nuclear or other weapons of mass destruction.

Recall that the Pentagon wants

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Physics created an optimal alloy for magnetic refrigerators 2 октября, 2021


The research results showed that the manganese-arsenic alloy is an optimal option for solid-state magnetic cooling technology under normal temperature conditions.

It is well known to all that in conventional refrigerators to remove heat from the chambers is used by Freon, which is not environmentally friendly. This gas is harmful to the ozone layer and causes a greenhouse effect.

Physics from the Baltic Federal University named after Immanuel Kant, together with colleagues from other countries, are studying magnetic materials and a magnetostructure phase transition to create a new magnetic cooling technology. They investigated the properties of manganese and arsenic alloys that possess the necessary characteristics.

The direct measurement of the magnetocaloric effect in the MNAS compound single crystals has shown that the adiabatic change in the temperature in the magnetic field 10 T was 15 K. The indicator of the quasiaadiabatic sample heat exchange reached 9500 J / kg with the same ten Tesla. Today it is the greatest experimentally registered value.

Recall that recent scientists synthesized a new

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The bill on the crowdfunding passed the second reading in the State Duma 2 октября, 2021


The State Duma adopted in the second reading the draft law on crowdfunding, which will formally collect funds using investment platforms. Third reading should take place on July 24.

The draft law regulates relations in the process of attracting JUR funding. Persons and individual entrepreneurs, by selling utilitarian digital rights (UTSP), issued securities, structural bonds, as well as issuance of loans. In addition, the document establishes the legal basis for the activities of platform operators.

Companies and IP will be able to attract thus up to 1 billion rubles. in year. The exceptions are public joint-stock companies offering UDP to transfer property, intellectual property, work, the provision of services.

Unqualified investors will receive the right to invest through Invest. Platform no more than 600 thousand rubles. in year. The exceptions are IP and Piz. Persons buying UPS from PJSC.

Operators of investment platforms can be Russian business companies entered into the register of the Central Bank, the amount of equity of which exceeds 5 million rubles.

The Law of the Law will come into force on January 1, 2020. Existing operators will receive six months to bring their activities in line with new rules.

From the top three cryptocurrency laws, only the FZ project on digital financial assets remained under consideration, but the State Duma

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China will build the world’s most powerful atmospheric laser radar 2 октября, 2021


Chinese scientists reported the beginning of the construction of a new laser radar, the detection range of which will be 1000 km, which is 10 times more than any similar acting device.

The purpose of the new project is to study the physics of particles of the upper layers of the atmosphere of the Earth, forming the first line of protection of the planet from cosmic radiation, solar wind and other hostile components of the open space.

The government plans to use a laser in the framework of a risk reduction project against abnormal solar activity. The information obtained will help researchers in the development of new technologies for protection of ultra-high voltage power grids, wireless communication systems, satellites, space station or even the future lunar base.

The radar will use a high-energy laser beam, which can penetrate the clouds, pass on the ISS and reach the outskirts of the atmosphere outside the orbital height of most observation satellites. In the exosphere, the air becomes so rarefied that scientists will be able to calculate the number of gas atoms detected within a radius of several meters.

Despite the statements of Chinese scientists, many researchers skeptically reacted to this news. Some believe that such a project cannot be implemented at the current level of technological development, while others call it an unprofitable solution, since the use of the spacecraft for these purposes would be cheaper.

Recently, the Chinese government actively finances projects related to lasers. Earlier it was reported

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Invented non-combustible and waterproof material for refractory furniture and interior decoration 2 октября, 2021


Russian company LLC «inorganic materials»

In terms of high temperatures, even elements that many consider «non-flammable» can often be ignited. Therefore, many manufacturers of building materials and representatives of the manufacturing industry are actively engaged in the development of the most refractory elements from which products can be created for everyday use. First of all, this refers to furniture and decor elements.

Previously, the material sciences and chemists offered various non-flammable options, but they contained hazardous binders or losing strength under the action of water.

New development involves the production of material from the layers of reinforcing tissue (1-2 mm) from basalt or fiberglass. For the manufacture of the sheet composite, its layers are impregnated with an aqueous suspension of the mixture of alumburphosphate, metakoline, magnesite and polyethylene polyamine, followed by drying at a temperature of 20-25 ° C and pressing at 110-130 ° C. The minimum number of layers — 5, and the thickness can exceed 100 mm.

Material can be used as furniture panels, for outdoor and internal facing of buildings, making the housing of small vessels, as well as apply in the automotive industry.

Recently, Russian scientists have also begun to synthesize new superfoot and wear-resistant materials that will become inexpensive

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A new underwater vessel will be able to «fly» in water, like a plane in the air 2 октября, 2021


Engineers have developed a radically new prototype of a superfast underwater vessel, which can move in water as an airplane in the air and dive with a depth of 1 km in five minutes.

The new submersible apparatus has a three-meter cigar-shaped case with a guidance system in the nose, the steering wheel of the jet aircraft and the propeller in the stern. Two side tubes with external batteries connecting with the housing form an analogue of the wings, which, according to engineers, allow the ship to quickly immerse and pop up.

The prototype is able to develop speed up to 10 knots and descend to a depth of 1000 m three meters per second, which takes about 5.5 minutes. The unmanned apparatus has twenty main systems, including a computer, equipment for communication and observation. It can be driven by conventional batteries or a chemical engine that mixes lithium and sulfur hexafluoride to produce heated steam for electric generators — an energy source often used in torpedoes.

The team of developers from Shenyang University says that their robot can be the basis for conducting underwater search and rescue operations, naval data collection, high-precision mapping of the bottom or delivering minerals to the surface.

After completion of the test, engineers plan to improve the device by creating a coating of air bubbles to reduce friction.

Previously, we also reported that Hyundai Motor began to develop

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Bakkt began testing Bitcoin futures 2 октября, 2021


Bakkt platform

It was almost a year from the time when the Internet Exchange Exchange and Clearing Chambers of Exchange announced plans to create a cryptocurrency division. Initially, the launch of the Platform Ball is scheduled for December 2018, but due to repeated delays

Bakkt plans to offer American traders access to Bitcoin Fiwress with a physical calculation. This means that after their term, the owner will receive not the cash equivalent of the cost of the contract, as on the CME and CBOE exchanges, but directly the cryptocurrency itself. Investors will be able to work with daily and monthly contracts.

The platform is designed for conservative institutional clients, which, with the help of their products, plans to interest investment in the Bitcoin market.

In addition to Bakkt, Bitcoin futures contracts are planning to launch LEDGERX and ERISX, recently received CFTC permission. However, the preliminary timing of the launch of their products is unknown.

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Nylon can be the basis for transparent and flexible electronics 2 октября, 2021


Scientists have developed a technology for the manufacture of very thin ferroelectric nylon films that can be used to create flexible electronic devices.

Since the development of the microelectronics industry is shifting towards wearable devices and electronics, the researchers are increasingly using synthetic polymers. Although nylons were first used in the 1920s to create women’s stockings and are a popular view of artificial fibers for tissues, they also exhibit ferroelectric properties.

Materials with similar characteristics are used in sensors, actuating mechanisms, memory and energy collection devices. The advantage of polymers is that they can be ignited, and then cheap processing and create components for capacitors, transistors, diodes. However, it was before it was impossible to make high-quality thin films of ferroelectric nylons from solutions.

Scientists from the Society of Max Planck, the University of Johannes Gutenberg and the Lodz Technological University recently solved this long-time problem. They developed a method for producing ferroelectric nylon thin-film capacitors by dissolving the nylon in a mixture of trifluoroacetic acid and acetone, followed by its solidification in vacuo.

The team managed to create smooth films with a thickness of just a few hundred nanometers. The prototypes of high-performance capacitors demonstrated the reliability of ferroelectric nylons with millions of working cycles.

Recall that another international research team is recently

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New Zealand allowed to officially pay cryptocompany salary 2 октября, 2021


The tax service of New Zealand legalized the wage of cryptocompany, explaining the terms of the payments and the rules of deductions.

According to new changes in tax legislation, the employee may receive salary (or part) in cryptocurrency assets for services provided within the framework of the employment contract for a predetermined amount on a regular basis. Also allowing premium, bonuses, commission and tip in the form of digital currencies.

Payments are attached to the fixed amount of Fiat, and not the number of digital coins or tokens.

The innovation is applicable only for liquid cryptovakes that perform the role of digital money or tied to the price of one or several fiatny currencies. At the same time, they should also freely exchange on the stock exchange for New Zealand dollars. Assets that perform functions similar shares, shapes or debt securities are not suitable.

It is noted that this form of calculations is applicable only for the remuneration of employees, but not self-employed taxpayers.

The procedure for payment of income tax by the employer is practically no different from the existing one. The salary paid in cryptocurrency is considered as an income that the corresponding part of which is transmitted to the fiscal service.

New rules come into force on September 1, 2019 and will operate at least 3 years.

Recall that 15 countries are planning to develop a system

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LedgerX canceled the launch of Bitcoin futures due to tightening the regulator 2 октября, 2021


LEDGERX did not launch the supply futures contracts for Bitcoin due to the fact that the US Commodity Trade Commission (CFTC) delays with the decision on the application for their release.

On Wednesday Paul Chow CEO of the company

The fact is that Ledgerx filed applications for trading with swaps and futures on Bitcoin on November 8. According to the regulations, the CFTC had 180 days to approve or reject them. However, since the term has already expired, and the agency did not send any comments and requests for clarification, the company considered that the application was automatically approved.

However, after publishing a launch announcement, the regulator appealed to the floor Chow with a request to cancel everything. Explaining this by the fact that for the conclusion of a new instrument to the market, direct approval of the commission is needed, and not the assumptions of managers.

The head of LedgerX reported that she intends to file a lawsuit on CFTC for anti-competitive behavior, duty violation and rules.

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