Charlie Lee explained the reason for the lack of Lightcoin updates 2 октября, 2021


The founder of LiteCoin Charlie Lee explained the reason for the lack of updates of the protocol for a long time.

Recently, the cryptocurrency team began to accuse in idle and even refusing to further develop the project. However, whether they denied these rumors and called a number of reasons for which the community could have the impression.

First of all, the lack of rapid activity is that most of the updates were originally developed for Bitcoin, therefore they are integrated into lightcoins with a certain delay. Charles explained that the last update was released in May of this year, most of the Committed Committed on GitHub dated 2018. Adding that, it seems, the developers took annual leave.

The second reason is that the cryptocurrency team does not work in the main branch of GitHub. This decision is due to the need to constantly recheck the unrealized code, which may result in incorrect assembly users.

According to Charlie Lee, for the eight-year history of Lightcine, the project had only a few major participants, and the leading developer Adrian Gallacher is now actively working on the version of the network 0.18.1. He also said that in recent times he personally also paid more attention to popularizing cryptocurrency, and not its technical component, but now it will return to this issue.

Recall that part of the miners turned off from Lightcoin’s network due to

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