China will build the world’s most powerful atmospheric laser radar 2 октября, 2021


Chinese scientists reported the beginning of the construction of a new laser radar, the detection range of which will be 1000 km, which is 10 times more than any similar acting device.

The purpose of the new project is to study the physics of particles of the upper layers of the atmosphere of the Earth, forming the first line of protection of the planet from cosmic radiation, solar wind and other hostile components of the open space.

The government plans to use a laser in the framework of a risk reduction project against abnormal solar activity. The information obtained will help researchers in the development of new technologies for protection of ultra-high voltage power grids, wireless communication systems, satellites, space station or even the future lunar base.

The radar will use a high-energy laser beam, which can penetrate the clouds, pass on the ISS and reach the outskirts of the atmosphere outside the orbital height of most observation satellites. In the exosphere, the air becomes so rarefied that scientists will be able to calculate the number of gas atoms detected within a radius of several meters.

Despite the statements of Chinese scientists, many researchers skeptically reacted to this news. Some believe that such a project cannot be implemented at the current level of technological development, while others call it an unprofitable solution, since the use of the spacecraft for these purposes would be cheaper.

Recently, the Chinese government actively finances projects related to lasers. Earlier it was reported

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