Commerzbank has developed a blockchain system of automatic calculations for unmanned vehicles 2 октября, 2021


The German banking concern Commerzbank tested a payment solution based on a blockchain, which allows unmanned trucks to pay for charging without human participation.

The system is designed to provide the autonomous work of the next-generation machines with a high level of automation. For the full functioning of the system, the bank has toochenizes the euro, and the trucks used these digital assets for calculations.

Commerzbank does not disclose details of how the transactions are specifically implemented and payments are processed, but reported on the successful completion of the test. According to representatives of the concern, the pilot project proved that in the future the process of payment can occur independently of the person. This will increase the effectiveness of their work and will allow to apply similar solutions in other industries using communication systems between the machines.

In addition to the Bank’s research department, specialists of the Daimler specialists took part in the design of the project, which is recently

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