Created artificial «language» to determine the quality of alcohol 2 октября, 2021


Scientists have developed a miniature taster with which you can quickly determine the quality of alcohol and food products, as well as differences between several samples of the same brand with an accuracy of 99%.

The team of researchers from the University of Glasgow presented a device that operates by analogy with the human language. Like people, the bimetallic nanoplasonic tastor cannot identify individual chemicals, but it is able to easily determine the difference between complex mixtures.

Researchers tested the device on whiskey. Placing a drink drops into small square pieces of gold and aluminum on its surfaces performing the role of taste receptors, they measured how metals absorb light under the liquid. The slightest color changes make it possible to compile an individual statistical profile of each studied sample.

Based on the data obtained, scientists were able to determine the differences between the same brand of different barrels, with an accuracy of more than 99%, as well as the difference between the temples of excerpts 12, 15 and 18 years.

According to the developers, in addition to the use for detecting fake alcohol, the device can be used to test the safety of food and quality control.

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