Created first electric hydraulic fiber on underwater wings 2 октября, 2021


The University of Western Australia, together with, has developed the world’s first electric hydraulic focus on Waveflyer underwater wings.

In a fixed state, the ship is similar to ordinary water skiing, but during the movement rises due to an active stabilized system of movement on underwater wings. Hydrootskick is much quieter, more energy efficient and does not pollute the environment, unlike gasoline analogues.

Waveflyer feeds from lithium-ion batteries by 2 kWh, whose charge is enough for more than 30 minutes of continuous operation with two passengers on board. A trip to it is more like a flight over the water than swimming on a conventional hydrocycle.

Co-founder said that the developed technology is not only environmentally friendly, but also improves the safety of movement, as well as the effectiveness of personal water transport.

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