Electricity from ocean currents: IHI will create a submarine complex with a capacity of 200 MW 2 октября, 2021


The Japanese Engineering Company IHI introduced a prototype of a 30-ton turbine system that uses the energy of ocean flows for the production of electricity.

Tests of the first model with a capacity of 100 kW will begin this fall and will last more than a year. The prototype will be installed at a distance of 10 km from the coast of one of the Isles of the Japanese Prefecture of Kagoshim at a depth of 100 m. There, the turbine will use the Pacific Currosio flow, one of the strongest in the world to generate electricity.

Ihi will begin to engage in the commercialization of technology in 2021, and by 2030 plans to create a huge underwater complex with a capacity of 200 MW. According to technical and economic calculations, the future farm will be able to produce 1 kW at a price of about $ 0.18.

Since the operational efficacy of underwater generators ranges from 50% to 70% (which is significantly higher than the indicators of marine wind generators and solar cells), then after 2030, the company intends to open one new complex every year and expand the geography of its presence on the coast of the United States and Taiwan.

The cost of manufacturing one underwater IHI generator is estimated at $ 9.25 million.

Recall that in January the company Siemens launched the world’s first wind generator

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