Engineers created a robot dog that can be trained 2 октября, 2021


Engineers created an obedient talented robot-dog Astro, which can be trained thanks to the built-in system of artificial intelligence, deep learning and multiple sensors.

The team of scientists from the Florida Atlantic University created a robot, which unites the benefits of voice assistants and deft robots Boston Dynamic. ASTRO does not use pre-programmed automation algorithms, and manages a new way using a neural network that analyzes their own experience and incoming information, by analogy with the brain, real dogs.

The robot weighing 45 kg is equipped with optical, sound, gas sensors, radar, high-tech radar, chambers and directed microphone for training. Like an ordinary pet, he performs such teams as «sit», «stand» and «lie». Over time, he will be able to understand and react to the movements of the hands, distinguish between colors, know many languages, interact with drones, distinguish between people’s faces and even recognize other dogs.

According to developers, Astro will be able to help the police, military and security services in the search for weapons, explosives and remnants of shells. It can also be programmed to resist the visually impaired or medical diagnostics. The team also prepares a dog robot to first aid in search and rescue missions.

Mechanical Doberman interacts and responds with the world around real time, will be able to move through rough terrain, protect people and animals when dangerous situations occur, quickly see and distinguish thousands of people in the database, feel the smell of air to detect foreign substances, and also hear And answer requests for help that go beyond the hearing range by man.

For processing incoming sensory data and adopting independent behavioral solutions ASTRO, there is a set of graphic processors NVIDIA JETSON TX2 with a combined computing power in four teraflop, which is about four trillion calculations per second. He will be able to quickly see and distinguish thousands of persons in the database, feel the smell of air to detect foreign substances, and also hear and answer the call of disasters that go beyond the band’s audible range.

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