Facebook warned investors that does not guarantee Libra launch 2 октября, 2021


Facebook warned its investors that the launch of the announced Libra’s announcement can delay indefinitely or not at all.

In the last quarterly report, Facebook reported investors that plans to release their cryptocurrency next year, but also pointed out some factors that may interfere with this.

In the section on potential risks, the company describes many obstacles associated with the uncertainty of the regulation of new technology in various countries, including in the United States. By adding that excessive attention from the regulatory authorities can negatively affect business, reputation and financial results.

In this regard, Facebook cannot guarantee the timely output of Libra and related products or that their launch will take place at all.

The company’s chairman said that interaction with regulators, politicians and experts is crucial for the success of Stelkin. That is why social network so early publicly announced its plans.

Although Facebook does not give any guarantees regarding the release of their cryptocurrency, but also does not give up. Last week

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