France is equipped with machine guns and lasers satellites 2 октября, 2021


The French Ministry of Defense plans to launch a new generation satellites in orbit equipped with machine guns and laser weapons by 2030.

Florence Parli, Minister of Armed Forces, announced that the program of cosmic defense of the country annually will be allocated from the budget for € 700 million, and by 2025 more than € 4.3 billion will be settled. This money will be used to upgrade the existing network of military communication satellites, The development of innovative combat orbital apparatus and the creation of the Center for Cosmic Operations of the Air Force in Toulouse.

Engineers will equip new companions with cameras to identify opponents, and the next generation armted automated machine guns and lasers, which can not only damage, but also destroy enemy targets.

In addition, by 2030, France’s Ministry of Defense wants to be able to bring into orbit a nanostotelnikov with various active or passive cargo capable of protecting strategic objects. The program also provides for the development of a system of quick launch of new satellites to replace lost.

Florence Parley says that the ultimate goal is not to develop an offensive strategy, but to ensure active protection for self-defense. According to her, thanks to the space forces, France will be able to respond to hostile acts from other countries, in the event of their occurrence. At the same time, the program will not contradict the Cosmos Agreement, which directly prohibits the use of nuclear or other weapons of mass destruction.

Recall that the Pentagon wants

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