Hackers refuse the programs of hidden mining on the PC in favor of the exploits of cloud computing 2 октября, 2021


According to SkyBox Security’s report, this year cybercriminals use malicious software for mining on computers six times less than in the past, and the popularity of attacks on cloud resources has sharply increased.

Although the programs for hidden mining cryptocurrency continue to infect thousands of new devices daily, a recent study showed that in 2019 their application fell to 15% of the 2018 level. The freed space filled extortionists, botnets and backdors. At the same time, the use of cloud container vulnerabilities increased by 46% compared to the same period last year and by 240% compared with 2017.

The attacks of the attacks to remote services such as Google Cloud and Amazon Web Services are due to the fact that these resources often remain unattended by providing open resources to handle huge amounts of data required for mining. The situation aggravates that hackers can instantly copy these containers, creating an army of virtual zombies, whose work is paid by the owners.

Changing the interests of cybercriminals is a completely rational reaction to the rapid development and the introduction of cloud technologies. In addition, a successful attack on the container brings more benefits and allows you to quickly increase the number of victims.

Previously, we also considered the benefits and disadvantages.

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