How did the neighbors put up with our apartment discos? 26 декабря, 2021


Looking at the current generation, hiding music in headphones, and looking at a smartphone without interruption, you understand: the days of collective fun, with dancing until you drop, and under zero hits have passed …

Moreover, this era appeared and passed practically in front of my generation.

For some reason we were drawn to the team all the time. Birthday celebration necessarily gathered friends, what calendar holidays, together again. It has been the custom since school years. We haven’t used anything intoxicating yet, but we set the table and dances to fashion hits.

In the 60s, almost all household equipment was produced under the slogan

Of course, equipment was produced with more powerful amplifiers, but only of the first and highest class. They cost much more and therefore were rare. Those who could afford such expensive equipment already preferred to listen to music quietly, «not for eighteen years now.»

The situation changed in the mid-70s. Already all the equipment was produced on transistors and on new models they began to install amplifiers of 4-6 watts. Among the tape recorders of the mass category, perhaps the first «loud» was the model

There was already something to jingle the dishes in the neighbors’ sideboards and swing the chandelier)

If previously there was no separate amplifier in home equipment, then from the mid-70s, the fashion for multicomponent home music centers slowly began.

Well, if the amplifier is equipped with good speakers, then the dishes shook even at the residents of the next entrance.

Well, the main milestone is that super-deficient THYRISTORS became available and COLOR MUSIC appeared in our apartments.

Our apartment equipment has become no worse than the club equipment, and even better in sound quality. How can you resist the temptation to listen to the next reel with new recordings, but at full volume … It’s a sin, I often indulged in it. How did the neighbors put up with this?

Then I didn’t even think about it. I even thought that I was doing a good job — I was giving all the neighbors new hits to listen to.

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