How investors suffer because of fake cryptocurrency news 2 октября, 2021


Even on the most authoritative sites, the fake news is sometimes skipping, which cause great damage to crypto industry, but as search engines contribute to the spread of inaccurate information? We will examine on several examples.

Nuggets News has published news in which the store of the Australian supermarket chain is reported, which began to take Bitcoin. The BitcoINIST edition reported to its readers already a bit changed information — a whole network of supermarkets began to accept Bitcoin to pay. The difference in the original text and subsequent rewitters on other sites could seem insignificant and trifle if the network did not constitute as many as 1399 stores.

Fix Street, Token Post, not to mention social networks and forums, have not mentioned the informative information, thanks to which millions of readers were misleading.

User Twitter Hayden Otto placed the post in which the Chinese police video is attached in the TRON offices and the comment in which Otto assumes that it was a «police raid» on Tron offices.

Twitting instantly received a lot of reposts and caused panic among traders, on whose accounts were TRX coins. Concerned the risk of a complete depreciation of the asset, traders began to sell cryptocurrency.

However, it turned out that the news was just a false assumption. In fact, the police arrived in the office for

The popular Coin Jazeera cryptocurrency site responded to the situation and said that Warren Buffet was going to cancel his dinner with Justin San because of the scandal with fraudsters, although in fact this information is not true. The meeting of the head of Tron with Buffett was a marketing move, which ultimately failed due to the action of Sana.

Specs on the name of Satoshi Dzamoto, most likely, never end. In May, fraudsters contributed to Pamppa Bitcoin SV pampa with a fake news warning popular in China Coinbull website. Using the Coinbull graphic design, the fraudsters created a fake and made a screen, which sent over messengers and social networks without an active reference.

The news sounded like this: «CSW (Craig Wright initials) translated 50,000 BTC from the richest bitcoin wallet on the BINANCE stock exchange. This confirms that he is a real Satoshi. Now the Binance is forced to fill Bitcoin SV again and bring official apologies to Twitter. «

Investors really believed that the real Satoshi was defined and now he promotes BSV, which means this cryptocurrency should bypass Bitcoin and grow in price ten times. To go to the official website of Coinbull, most investors did not become, trusting the picture. On the Haip Wave, the price of Bitcoin SV increased from $ 114 to $ 2,23 dollars total per night, increasing market capitalization of about $ 2 billion.

With the onset of the morning, traders were covered with a panic, as the news was just a photoshop product, and Coinbull officially denied it. The authors of the fake were the first to merge purchased in advance BSV, having received a double profit by all overnight. In the future, the course rolled back to previous indicators.

Very often, fraudsters use celebrity names for advertising their own crypto projects, sending spam in social networks. Site Micky conducted an experiment by posting on his portal fake news that Hugh Jackman advertises a site for batketer operations. News instantly became viral and scored a lot of views, which most sites seek.

One of the main reasons for the rapid spread of fake news is the volatility cryptocurrency. Sometimes just one tweet is enough to have a significant effect on the price. Traders are trying to quickly analyze the news and respond to them first, hoping that their colleagues will see the same news later and buy cryptocurrency for the greatest price.

This problem contributes millions of crypton sites, which instantly make rehyt, often without checking his accuracy. Excrees the situation of search engines that reduce the rating of sites for copying content. News authors should edit the text of the source, confining it under uniqueness. As a result, the same text varies hundreds of times, which is why even initially honest news can promote information that does not appropriate reality.

News sites constantly publish rumors that the next Bitcoin-ETF will be approved next week or month. At some point, they may be right, but for more than a year these rumors have remained groundless. If the BTC course will remain volatile, leaving each fake tweet, ultimately it can lead to exit

Investors in Bitcoin are always pleased to read the news that must push the BTC course up. People who do not hold cryptocurrency will gladly read the news that Tron turned out to be a bench. Therefore, the next time you read news with a loud name, take a few seconds to search for Google to make sure that it is credible.

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