Innovative valve system will reduce fuel consumption by 20% 2 октября, 2021


Engineers have developed a system of electro-hydraulic valves, which saves approximately 20% of fuel by optimizing gas exchange in an internal combustion engine with spark ignition.

In the innovation system, invented by scientists from the Swiss federal laboratory of materials science and technologies, the valves are powered hydraulically and controlled electrically through an electromagnetic coil.

When the current is supplied, a specially developed hydraulic valve opens, allowing hydraulic fluid to open a gas exchange valve to the desired degree against the spring. When the voltage is turned off, the gas exchange valve is closed again with a spring force and supplies most of the hydraulic energy required for opening, back to the hydraulic system.

This technology reduces energy costs in a wide operating range compared to systems with a distribution shaft. Tests have shown that due to the optimization of gas exchange, the spark ignition engine consumes about 20% less than fuel than with the usual control of valves using a choke in combination with camshafts in the low load range typical of passenger cars.

In addition, the new system allows you to control the operating parameters, opening and closing time, as well as the lifting of the valve for each cylinder separately without restrictions. This means that any engine operating condition can be changed from the cycle to the cycle. For example, with the help of intelligent load control, by controlling the amount of residual gas in the cylinder or disconnect unnecessary cylinders.

This makes it easy to adapt the motor to new fuels or alternative fuel concentrations. At the same time, no expensive components or complex sensors are required to control the valves.

Another feature of the Swiss system is the choice of hydraulic fluid: instead of ordinary oil, a water-glycol mixture can be used, that is, engine cooling water.

The new system of the valves was tested on the engine of a passenger car operating on natural gas and on a gasoline motor VW 1.4 liters TSI. Tests began last year, and the developed management system has already experienced immaculately already many millions of cycles of work.

Scientists are already negotiating with automakers on the transfer of this technology to production.

Previously, we also reported on the development of a plasma nano-empty ignition system, which increases the efficiency of work

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