Invented non-combustible and waterproof material for refractory furniture and interior decoration 2 октября, 2021


Russian company LLC «inorganic materials»

In terms of high temperatures, even elements that many consider «non-flammable» can often be ignited. Therefore, many manufacturers of building materials and representatives of the manufacturing industry are actively engaged in the development of the most refractory elements from which products can be created for everyday use. First of all, this refers to furniture and decor elements.

Previously, the material sciences and chemists offered various non-flammable options, but they contained hazardous binders or losing strength under the action of water.

New development involves the production of material from the layers of reinforcing tissue (1-2 mm) from basalt or fiberglass. For the manufacture of the sheet composite, its layers are impregnated with an aqueous suspension of the mixture of alumburphosphate, metakoline, magnesite and polyethylene polyamine, followed by drying at a temperature of 20-25 ° C and pressing at 110-130 ° C. The minimum number of layers — 5, and the thickness can exceed 100 mm.

Material can be used as furniture panels, for outdoor and internal facing of buildings, making the housing of small vessels, as well as apply in the automotive industry.

Recently, Russian scientists have also begun to synthesize new superfoot and wear-resistant materials that will become inexpensive

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