Iran Leaconil Mining 2 октября, 2021


The Economic Commission of the Iranian government approved the mechanism of mining cryptocurrency to lead it in accordance with the current legislation.

According to the report on the official website of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry, this step is due to the growing popularity of the production of digital coins in the country due to cheap electricity. Khomyun Khary, Deputy Minister of Energy, said that in the near future the ministers separately agree the tariffs for the supply of electricity mining farm.

The head of the Central Bank Iran, Abdolnamer Hemmati, also said that, despite the approval of the economic commission, the issue of mining virtual currencies will still be discussed at the government meeting. Since the authorities still fluctuate regarding the legalization of mining as a separate industry.

Recently, the Iranian government openly suppressed the activities of farms, and last month two of them were even arrested.

Although the officials gave preliminary approval for mining cryptocurrency, their position regarding the legalization of operations with them remains unclear. Earlier, the Central Bank offered to introduce a ban on such payments within the country, but many do not agree with this.

Recall that the royal mint of the UK will begin

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