Israel demonstrated a prototype of a tank of the future 2 октября, 2021


On Sunday, the Israeli military demonstrated a prototype tank equipped with advanced monitoring systems, guidance, remote control and unmanned control.

Three contractors were engaged in the development of the future armored vehicles. Since the project of the Carmel Ministry of Defense envisaged the improvement of the «brain» and sensors, and not the vehicle itself, each company presented its own option. At the same time, everyone managed to reduce the desired crew to two people.

The presented combat vehicles were equipped with touch screens, artificial intelligence, could independently identify the goal using a plurality of sensors and cameras with a review of 360 degrees, and also received other new features. All innovative systems were installed on existing models unchanged in the design.

Being inside, soldiers can observe the current combat situation with the help of large screens and use various methods of tank control. One of the options provided for using the video game controller.

Developers say that soon armored vehicles can be fully autonomous.

Brigadier General Jan. Rothem, Head of the Military Study and Development of the Ministry of Defense of Israel, said that it was still too early to discuss the deadlines for the release of new models and the project budget, but noted that it was already decided to use high-tech helmets by Israeli armored units.

Previously we reported that American soldiers

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