LedgerX canceled the launch of Bitcoin futures due to tightening the regulator 2 октября, 2021


LEDGERX did not launch the supply futures contracts for Bitcoin due to the fact that the US Commodity Trade Commission (CFTC) delays with the decision on the application for their release.

On Wednesday Paul Chow CEO of the company

The fact is that Ledgerx filed applications for trading with swaps and futures on Bitcoin on November 8. According to the regulations, the CFTC had 180 days to approve or reject them. However, since the term has already expired, and the agency did not send any comments and requests for clarification, the company considered that the application was automatically approved.

However, after publishing a launch announcement, the regulator appealed to the floor Chow with a request to cancel everything. Explaining this by the fact that for the conclusion of a new instrument to the market, direct approval of the commission is needed, and not the assumptions of managers.

The head of LedgerX reported that she intends to file a lawsuit on CFTC for anti-competitive behavior, duty violation and rules.

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