Main problems of mining cryptovalut in 2019 2 октября, 2021


Mining has become an independent direction of business with his positive and negative parties. Of the advantages of mining activities, cryptocurrencies are also talking about and much, so in this article we paid attention to the most relevant problems in this area.

It is necessary to understand that, in contrast to the usual investment in a promising digital asset, Mainer has to think as a businessman: not only correctly predicting market conditions, but also to buy equipment at the best price, as well as minimize all possible costs from renting to electricity.


The payback period of capital investments is currently no longer for months, but for years, and once popular ASIC models become unprofitable even at a relatively high price of Bitcoin and other coins. For example, connect Antminer S9 was not profitable even with the price of $ 6,000.

In addition, new versions of the Acids are regularly appearing, which should be purchased if you certainly want to continue the activity. The mining on the GPU is practically extincted because the fight against specialized equipment did not lead to tangible results, and the probability of the transition cryptocurrency on POS is constantly growing.


Of course, you can entertain and enhance some zelcash, beam, zcoin and other situational coins, but in this case the potential risks will exceed the possible benefit.

It looks much more attractive investment in masterworks. It is clear that to buy even 1000 DASH coins in our time has become problematic, but there are other promising currencies on the market, which, if necessary, it is possible to quickly sell: Neo, Tron, NEM. You can also invest in the tokens that will bring regular passive income.

The existing model of mining leads to huge costs of electricity to ensure the protection and operation of the network. This is one of the main reasons why the developers of new cryptocurrency will move away from POW and make a choice in favor of POS, but at the same time it will not be clear whether at least some coin will be able to catch up with Bitcoin’s popularity. The problem is not only in the costs of miners or business concentration near the sources of cheap electricity.

The situation with the effectiveness of the production of ATS is now sufficiently sad. If Bitcoin were a country, he would take 43th place in the ranking of electricity consumption of electricity with an annual indicator

Data numbers are absolutely not amenable to logic: yes — it allows you to ensure the security of the network, but to provide access to the system for 700,000 active users of cryptocurrencies could be at smaller expenditures. For an example, a bank with 7 million clients spends about 140 GWC per year to all its activities: from the lighting of premises and ATMs to the operation of the servers.

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