Military will use a laser to contain and overclock the crowd 2 октября, 2021


The US military recently completed the tests of a small laser installation, which allows you to transmit voice commands, heavily heat the skin of the goal and disorient the person with an erratic noise.

New not deadly weapons are intended to contain and stunning participants uncontrolled crowd or opponents. It is multifunctional and provides for at least three use options.

The first mode allows you to remotely transmit voice commands, warning people about the need to stop certain actions, or informs specific instructions. It is based on a photoacoustic effect that broadcasts sound waves with a laser and transmits human speech that resembles a voice from a remote loudspeaker. The wavelength sets up a special algorithm.

The same laser can be brought to a specific person for point heating of its skin, but without burning. According to the developers, with such an impact, people feel strong discomfort and almost immediately retreat.

The third mode allows you to use the laser as an infinite light grenade. With the help of the device, you can create strong noise to keep, confuse and disorient people. The installation can repeatedly generate flashes with a frequency of about 155 dB, which is much more efficient than standard grenades.

Military plans to release the field version of the device in the next five years. During this time, engineers will increase the range from the near radius to several kilometers.

The use of lasers has long been limited to containment. Recently, France said that by 2030, it would equip his military satellites automatic and

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