New car modules will provide wheel rotation 360 ° 2 октября, 2021


Protean has developed universal car modules that provide 360 degree wheel systems.

Each unit includes an engine-hub, rim, bus and a miniature suspension system with two transverse levers with a damper installed in the steering lever, which can rotate the entire block by 360 °, as well as pneumatically raise and lower the chassis on it.

According to the developers, the presented system is designed for unmanned urban transport, where the main role will play space, efficiency and compatibility with autonomous control systems. Having placed such models at the corners of the electric vehicle platform, it can be consolidated with a spacious interior for passengers.

The possibility of full turnover of the wheels will allow transport with ease to move the sideways, driving into narrow parallel places for parking, or unfold in place. When stopping, the system will be able to descend to the ground level to simplify the entrance and the yield of people.

In an existing block of block, the hub engine has 80 kW (107 hp) and 1250 nm of torque on the wheel. Obviously, 320 kW (430 hp) Too much for the passenger bus without a driver who can accelerate to the side, although they can simply be replaced by less powerful versions. Also embarrassed elements similar to electrical cables that will be exposed to stones, sand and road dirt.

Two weeks ago we reported similar

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