New chips with a quantum random number generator will soon make digital devices non-liberated 2 октября, 2021


Researchers have created a compact chip that uses quantum technologies to generate random numbers. After its integration into more complex systems, they will be impossible to hack.

Computer safety is based on random numbers, but due to the limit of ordinary computing systems, hackers find ways to predict the results and crack protection. Therefore, a team of physicists from the University of Geneva decided to use the laws of a quantum world to develop a chip, compatible with conventional digital devices.

The QRANGE chip generates random numbers, firing a tiny laser for one of two goals. Since it is focused on the behavior of quantum objects, the sequence cannot be predicted in advance. At the same time, the device generates millions of bits per second.

Scientists say that when integrating the chip in computers, smartphones, internet devices, cars, data centers, or other devices, they will become absolutely protected, since physics is not amenable to hacking. However, at this stage of the development of technology, there are still some problems of the introduction of the product in more complex systems, the solution of which is already engaged.

An innovative microcircuit was developed as part of the QUANTUM FLAGSHIP European Union initiative, on which € 1 billion was allocated. The program ends with many institutions and research groups. Therefore, in the near future, you can expect the penetration of quantum technologies into our daily life.

Scientists are also developing technology that will increase the speed of hard drives

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