New Zealand allowed to officially pay cryptocompany salary 2 октября, 2021


The tax service of New Zealand legalized the wage of cryptocompany, explaining the terms of the payments and the rules of deductions.

According to new changes in tax legislation, the employee may receive salary (or part) in cryptocurrency assets for services provided within the framework of the employment contract for a predetermined amount on a regular basis. Also allowing premium, bonuses, commission and tip in the form of digital currencies.

Payments are attached to the fixed amount of Fiat, and not the number of digital coins or tokens.

The innovation is applicable only for liquid cryptovakes that perform the role of digital money or tied to the price of one or several fiatny currencies. At the same time, they should also freely exchange on the stock exchange for New Zealand dollars. Assets that perform functions similar shares, shapes or debt securities are not suitable.

It is noted that this form of calculations is applicable only for the remuneration of employees, but not self-employed taxpayers.

The procedure for payment of income tax by the employer is practically no different from the existing one. The salary paid in cryptocurrency is considered as an income that the corresponding part of which is transmitted to the fiscal service.

New rules come into force on September 1, 2019 and will operate at least 3 years.

Recall that 15 countries are planning to develop a system

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