Xiaomi will release a phone with a 108 megapixel camera 3 октября, 2021


Company Xiaomi.

The Chinese manufacturer already tests the ISocell sensor developed by Samsung Electronics, which will capture 12032×9024 points. Such quality is usually expected from semi-professional cameras, and not from a smartphone in your pocket.

So far, Xiaomi and Samsung do not disclose detailed information about new sensors, but it is assumed that the 64 megapixel camera will have better performance with weak lighting, compared with the existing 48 MP analogue.

However, this will not necessarily relate to the model by 108 megapixel. If the sensor is physically larger, then the amount of light falling on each pixel will decrease. As a result, in bright lighting, you can get a phenomenal detail, but in the dark effect will be reverse. Although even the results of use only in good lighting can be a reason for the pride of the owner.

Due to the popularity of compact gadgets, many technological companies begin to offer their own innovative solutions for this market. Recently, IBM has developed a concept

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The largest hacks of cryptocurrency exchanges in 2019 2 октября, 2021


In 2019, cryptocurrency exchanges often suffer from not only due to theft of digital money, but also blackmail from hackers. We have created a list of the most ambitious hacks for the current year.

Bitcoin is most often exposed, which is the main goal of attackers — 76% of the total number of hacks. Then there is anonymous cryptocurrency Monero (4%), Ethereum, Litecoin and Bitcoin Cash. In total, in the first half of the year, cryptocurrency for the amount of $ 480 million were kidnapped with stock exchanges equivalent to $ 480 million

In May, the most popular platform for trading digital money has undergone

The theft of bitcoins occurred with viruses and phishing traps, thanks to which the security system was used. As a result, hackers hacked the API keys and passed the procedure of two-factor authentication.

For money laundering, fraudsters used chipmixer cryptocurrency mixer. Cryptomixers are services that crush coins into small pieces and mix them with the same small parts of other Mixer customers, after which the amount required for laundering comes to a new wallet.

At Medium, there is even an interview with Bnatov Platon, in which Haccher argues that the rest of the exchanges cooperate with him and agree to pay commissions, unlike Binance. It turns out that under the threat there are personal data to pass the identification of not only the popular Chinese stock exchange, but also others. More specifics about this is not indicated.

In January, stock exchanges were victims

As a result, Gate.io was «copied» 40000 ETC, but the Exchange managers reimburse damages to customers.

The first months of the new year are always very dangerous for financial organizations, as hackers are activated during the New Year holidays using a universal festive mood.

The Cryptopia security system has seriously suffered from January 14 to January 17, when the hackers managed to bring more than $ 16 million. The attack was so large that the stock exchange was already launched in May and did not resume work anymore. The exchange programmers turned out to be completely powerless before fraudsters and allowed them to carry out operations until January 29. It turned out that the private wallets keys were abducted from one server, and then erased, which gave the opportunity to hackers to get full control over the bills of exchange.

At first, the leaders argued that the abducted funds make up no more than 10% of the capitalization of the exchange, but the further launch of the liquidation process makes it doubt this statement.

Unlike previous examples, Bithumb did not give to hack user accounts, while their own wallets were injured. Approximately $ 20 million was displayed in Ripple and EOS cryptocurrencies.

The case with EOS is also notable for the fact that for hacking hackers did not have to use viruses and phishing facilities — the key from the hot wallet was simply stolen by insiders. The process of conclusion of money was accompanied by 200 transit operations of 90 thousand XRP each.

Other exchanges are becoming endpoints in such cases: Huobi, HitBTC, EXMO and others. It should be noted that the stock exchanges interact with each other and in some cases block the transactions of intruders.

The Australian Exchange has become a victim of hackers in March, which stole 2700 Eth and another 19 other cryptocurrency for an unknown amount. As in the case of Bithumb, part of the transactions to other sites was blocked.

Theft of cryptocurrency with bills exchange is no longer anything new, in contrast to theft of personal data, which has not yet been met often — until 2018 passage

A photograph of a real person with a passport or any other document can be used by fraudsters for a variety of «dark» cases, so we advise you once again to think if the passage of the KYC procedure is really necessary for you.

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Innovative valve system will reduce fuel consumption by 20% 2 октября, 2021


Engineers have developed a system of electro-hydraulic valves, which saves approximately 20% of fuel by optimizing gas exchange in an internal combustion engine with spark ignition.

In the innovation system, invented by scientists from the Swiss federal laboratory of materials science and technologies, the valves are powered hydraulically and controlled electrically through an electromagnetic coil.

When the current is supplied, a specially developed hydraulic valve opens, allowing hydraulic fluid to open a gas exchange valve to the desired degree against the spring. When the voltage is turned off, the gas exchange valve is closed again with a spring force and supplies most of the hydraulic energy required for opening, back to the hydraulic system.

This technology reduces energy costs in a wide operating range compared to systems with a distribution shaft. Tests have shown that due to the optimization of gas exchange, the spark ignition engine consumes about 20% less than fuel than with the usual control of valves using a choke in combination with camshafts in the low load range typical of passenger cars.

In addition, the new system allows you to control the operating parameters, opening and closing time, as well as the lifting of the valve for each cylinder separately without restrictions. This means that any engine operating condition can be changed from the cycle to the cycle. For example, with the help of intelligent load control, by controlling the amount of residual gas in the cylinder or disconnect unnecessary cylinders.

This makes it easy to adapt the motor to new fuels or alternative fuel concentrations. At the same time, no expensive components or complex sensors are required to control the valves.

Another feature of the Swiss system is the choice of hydraulic fluid: instead of ordinary oil, a water-glycol mixture can be used, that is, engine cooling water.

The new system of the valves was tested on the engine of a passenger car operating on natural gas and on a gasoline motor VW 1.4 liters TSI. Tests began last year, and the developed management system has already experienced immaculately already many millions of cycles of work.

Scientists are already negotiating with automakers on the transfer of this technology to production.

Previously, we also reported on the development of a plasma nano-empty ignition system, which increases the efficiency of work

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Robotic contact lenses invented, the refraction of which is regulated by the movement of the eyes 2 октября, 2021


New soft contact lenses allow the user to bring closer and remove objects by controlling their refractive index using eye movements or double blinking.

Most soft robotics devices are controlled manually or pre-programmed to perform certain actions. However, researchers from the University of California invented robotic lenses that react to natural signals arising in the human eyeball.

To do this, they measured the constant electric potential between the front and rear parts of the eye, which is preserved even in complete darkness and when eyelids are closed. The engineers then developed a device reacting to changes in the electroculographic signal when a person is examined or blinking.

The lens is made of a special polymer, which is expanding when the electric current is supplied and is controlled by the help of five electrodes located around the eye and performing the role of muscles. Therefore, when moving pupils or morgue, the device reacts to incoming signals, changing the thickness, which affects the refractive index and focus.

The team hopes that one day their invention will help create an effective visual prosthesis or chamber managed only with the help of the eye. Technology can also be used to develop adjustable points and remotely managed robotics.

Previously, we also reported about

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The head of Huawei believes that China can run an analogue of Libra before Facebook 2 октября, 2021


According to the Director General of Huawei, one of the largest companies in the world in telecommunications, the PRC can become a competitor to Facebook, producing its own digital currency before the popular social network.

During a press conference in Italy Zheng Zhengfei, answering the question about the US global hegemony, said that China could create an analogue of Libra, without waiting for it to do someone else. As the country has greater power than the Internet company.

The head of Huawei did not point out specifically to his company, which actively uses the blockchain in its activities, and sought to mention the achievements of the country on this field.

His words once again confirm the seriousness of the intentions of the People’s Bank of China

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Physicists solved the 2000-year-old optics problem 2 октября, 2021


Physicists have developed a method for forming aspherical surfaces of optical lenses, which allows you to completely eliminate the problem of blur image at the edges.

More than 2,000 years ago, the Greek scholar Diocl found this undesirable effect and suggested that the distortion occurs due to the change in the angle of the fall of light on the spherical lens, as a result of which it does not focus. After developing analytical tools for describing the problem in the twentieth century, researchers and engineers came up with various ways to solve it for specific devices and tools. Although the previous decisions to change the refraction were, based mainly on aspherical lenses, helped, but were expensive but were not universal.

Recently, three physicists from the National Autonomous University of Mexico and the Monterrey Technological Institute proposed solving problems with lenses. It consists in describing the method of forming aspheric surfaces of lenses, taking into account the distance between the object and the image. In essence, it is based on the fact that the second surface corrects the problems of the first, eliminating its spherical abberation.

After creating a long mathematical formula, the team checked it. The simulations have shown that the proposed solution will make it possible to produce lenses with an accuracy of 99,999999999% for various devices, including glasses, contact lenses, telescopes and microscopes.

Recall that earlier engineers developed a camera that is able to remove objects on

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Tron still did not pay for the purchase of BitTorrent 2 октября, 2021


The creator of BitTorrent Bram Cohen stated that Justin San was still not fully accustomed to buy a streaming platform, and deliberately delays with the payment, trying to return funds from the conditional deposit.

Bram Cohen published a tweet in which he was interested in whether Justin San is experiencing difficulties with money, since he still did not approve the last payment for BitTorrent.

In response, the head of the Commercial Department of Tron Foundation wrote that the Director-General cannot use funds as they are on a conditional deposit, and has already signed permission to transfer. After adding that lawyers of the parties agree all. He also recommended not to make such questions not to everyone’s review and use private channels to clarify the reasons for the delay.

However, after this comment, Bram Cohen accused the cryptocurrency platform that its representatives are looking for ways to return funds, because they had to pay the whole number two months ago.

Justin San is now also under pressure from the authorities of China and the public due to its excessive «marketing activity» and ignoring a meeting with Warren Buffett, for which he paid $ 4.6 million. In addition, recently Peking Treon office

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Military will use a laser to contain and overclock the crowd 2 октября, 2021


The US military recently completed the tests of a small laser installation, which allows you to transmit voice commands, heavily heat the skin of the goal and disorient the person with an erratic noise.

New not deadly weapons are intended to contain and stunning participants uncontrolled crowd or opponents. It is multifunctional and provides for at least three use options.

The first mode allows you to remotely transmit voice commands, warning people about the need to stop certain actions, or informs specific instructions. It is based on a photoacoustic effect that broadcasts sound waves with a laser and transmits human speech that resembles a voice from a remote loudspeaker. The wavelength sets up a special algorithm.

The same laser can be brought to a specific person for point heating of its skin, but without burning. According to the developers, with such an impact, people feel strong discomfort and almost immediately retreat.

The third mode allows you to use the laser as an infinite light grenade. With the help of the device, you can create strong noise to keep, confuse and disorient people. The installation can repeatedly generate flashes with a frequency of about 155 dB, which is much more efficient than standard grenades.

Military plans to release the field version of the device in the next five years. During this time, engineers will increase the range from the near radius to several kilometers.

The use of lasers has long been limited to containment. Recently, France said that by 2030, it would equip his military satellites automatic and

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The World Bank has rescued $ 33.8 million from the sale of bonds on the blockchain 2 октября, 2021


The World Bank further attracted $ 33.8 million from the sale of bonds issued at the Etheric Blockchain, with a maturity in August 2020.

These are the first bonds created, distributed, transmitted and managed throughout the life cycle using a distributed registry technology. The total World Bank has already issued innovative debt tools for $ 108 million, taking into account last year’s emission.

Commonwealth Bank of Australia has developed a platform for digitizing securities and led the second round of sales in conjunction with RBC Capital Markets and TD Securities.

The World Bank believes that innovative experience in capital markets plays a key role in improving the efficiency of the economies of member countries and global stable development.

According to Sophie Gilder, Head of the AI and Blockchard Commbank, technology opens up more opportunities for risk management, so in the future the bank plans to offer new features to improve settlements, storing and complying with regulatory requirements.

Earlier, the World Bank

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85% of bitcoins were mined, the deficit is nearing 2 октября, 2021


According to the monitoring data of the BlockChain website, Mainers have already produced 17.85 million bitcoins, which is 85% of their maximum possible amount. To get the remaining 3.15 million will take 120 years.

Remuneration for closing new blocks with time is reduced (

Formally, 17.85 million bitcoins should be in circulation, the actual number is much smaller. This is due to blocked coins, access to which is forever lost due to loss by users of private keys or for other reasons. According to the study of Chainalysis, two years ago the volume of coins derived from turnover was estimated at about 4 million, or almost a fifth part of their maximum number.

In May 2020, the amount of remuneration will again decrease — from 12.5 BTC to 6.25 BTC per unit. It is expected that this will lead to an increase in the cryptocurrency course, since miners will have a more significant impact on the market.

In parallel with the growing popularity of cryptocurrency, their energy consumption increases. According to

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