Patrol Robots began to help China’s Road Police 2 октября, 2021


In China, the first group of duty road robots was commissioned, which will help employees of the traffic police of the city of Handan with patrols, information support and alerts on accidents.

Patrol robots are equipped with artificial intelligence, face recognition system, navigation and various sensors, due to which they can move independently in any directions.

Depending on the type, they can help the traffic police staff to regulate the movement, provide advice, check the driver’s license, photographing vehicles that violate parking rules, or citizens passing in the wrong place.

Ma Zhangshan, Head of the Municipal Public Security Department of the city of Handan, said that robots would duty around the clock, near train stations, airports and other important public places to reduce the intensity of the local traffic police.

The development of robots was engaged in the Research Institute of Road Traffic Management of the Ministry of Public Security in conjunction with other organizations.

We previously reported that Russian scientists have developed software, thanks to which industrial robots can independently adjust their actions in

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