Pentagon introduces new cybersecurity systems based on blockcha 2 октября, 2021


The US Department of Defense plans to use blockchain to develop more reliable communication and cybersecurity systems.

According to the strategic plan for digital modernization of the Pentagon, the management of promising research projects (DARPA) is already experimenting with a distributed registry technology and solutions based on it. The military is now working at least in two directions.

The purpose of one of the DARPA projects is to create an improved platform to protect messages and processing transactions. It will provide a safe link between units and headquarters, as well as between intelligence agents and the center. The agency considers the version of the digital token to authenticate the personality of employees.

In parallel with the blockchain, the agency wants to create a perfect code to protect its databases, which cannot be hacked.

US Defense writes that technology allows not only to reduce the likelihood of compromising, but forces the enemy to incur substantial costs to achieve it.

Pentagon also takes into service and other advanced technologies, including

The Research Department of the Ministry of Defense also works on

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