Physics accidentally opened a simple method for finding gold deposits 2 октября, 2021


Physics created a compact underground detector, which uses cosmic radiation to create a «X-ray» deposits of gold under the surface.

The team of scientists from the University of Technology, Sinberne conducted an experiment on the detection of dark matter. The presence of these particles is extremely difficult to fix, so they worked in a mine at a depth of 1 km, believing that the thick layer of the breed will absorb any cosmic radiation.

However, the sodium iodide-based sensor was recorded by muons (particles similar to electrons, but 200 times harder), which were undesirable to research, but became powerful sources of information about the location of minerals in the depths.

Since muons are scattered with high numbers, then sediments of heavy metals, such as gold, create shadows, similar to the bone at a medical x-ray. Although this idea is not new, but the prototype of such a detector was created back in the 1960s, but since then the technology has greatly advanced and thanks to the miniaturization of the electronics, the Australian device is more like a rolled log.

The first version of the detector was a cylindrical piece of brilliant plastic in a can with paint, and the role of the scanner was performed by natural radiation. Despite the rude appearance, he worked effectively. Due to the compact size, the device is suitable for immersion in well for intelligence minerals, the technology itself is cheap and can be connected through fiber.

Sensors can transmit data to the smartphone, so they can be installed and go away. After a few weeks, it accumulates enough data to form a map of minerals in the surrounding rocks. However, first the information will be necessary to process how it is done in astrophysics.

Scientists say that their invention has already become interested, so they plan to establish commercial production of such devices. So far, they upgrade it to turn an existing prototype into a reliable tool for working in an active mine.

Previously, we also reported on the invention.

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