Physics created an optimal alloy for magnetic refrigerators 2 октября, 2021


The research results showed that the manganese-arsenic alloy is an optimal option for solid-state magnetic cooling technology under normal temperature conditions.

It is well known to all that in conventional refrigerators to remove heat from the chambers is used by Freon, which is not environmentally friendly. This gas is harmful to the ozone layer and causes a greenhouse effect.

Physics from the Baltic Federal University named after Immanuel Kant, together with colleagues from other countries, are studying magnetic materials and a magnetostructure phase transition to create a new magnetic cooling technology. They investigated the properties of manganese and arsenic alloys that possess the necessary characteristics.

The direct measurement of the magnetocaloric effect in the MNAS compound single crystals has shown that the adiabatic change in the temperature in the magnetic field 10 T was 15 K. The indicator of the quasiaadiabatic sample heat exchange reached 9500 J / kg with the same ten Tesla. Today it is the greatest experimentally registered value.

Recall that recent scientists synthesized a new

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