Researchers discovered a new cryptocurrency Troyan 2 октября, 2021


Computer analysts from Zscaler Threatlabz found a new type of remote access Trojans (RAT), oriented to users cryptocurrency.

They are able to take control of the computer, copying the history of the browser and look for actions related to digital currency, accounts, business, social networks and others. Such viruses call SAEFKO, as they are recorded as .NET in Microsoft software, and they are used to create various application options.

Zscaler analysts say that RAT is usually downloaded when opening the contents of email or install an infected application. As a result of receiving administrative control over the computer, the attacker can monitor the user’s actions and pressing the keys, find out the confidential data, watch through the webcam, take screenshots, format discs and so on.

Representatives of the company recommend users do not open files from unreliable sources, and network administrators — block unused ports and services, track outgoing traffic.

Recall that according to the report of SkyBox Security, this year cybercriminals use malicious software for mining on computers

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