Researchers found a way to improve heat-exposure of heating systems five times 2 октября, 2021


The study showed that the addition of a small amount of hydrofluoroether into conventional turbulent heat exchange systems on a water basis improves their ability to transmit heat by 500%.

Turbulent heat exchangers are fairly simple devices that use the natural movement of the fluid to move heat. As a result of a change in density, water begins to circulate from the hot area to the cold through the connecting tank. This type of heat exchange is the basis of modern heating, ventilation and air conditioning systems.

Researchers from Tsinghua and Brown Universities, studied hydrofluoroether (HFE), which is sometimes used to accelerate the heating cycles as the only liquid in the heat exchangers. However, they suggested that its use as an additive can further increase the intensity of water systems. Experimental, scientists found that the HFE concentration of about 1% accelerates the heat exchange as much as possible and leads to an increase in the heat flux to 500%.

With the help of laser diagnostics and high-speed visualization methods, it was found that being near the hot face, HFE globules quickly boil and rise to the cold area, forming two-phase steam and liquid bubbles. There they are losing heat and fall in liquid form. Researchers have shown that bubbles affect the total heat flux in two ways. In addition to the fact that they disseminate a significant amount of heat from the hot area, in parallel they also increase the rate of lifting and lowering the surrounding water loops.

The team argues that the HFE7000 supplement is not ignited by them, does not cause corrosion and ozone formation. The restriction is that this method is only suitable for vertical heat exchange systems. However, researchers are already developing ways to adapt to parallel systems.

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