Robotic contact lenses invented, the refraction of which is regulated by the movement of the eyes 2 октября, 2021


New soft contact lenses allow the user to bring closer and remove objects by controlling their refractive index using eye movements or double blinking.

Most soft robotics devices are controlled manually or pre-programmed to perform certain actions. However, researchers from the University of California invented robotic lenses that react to natural signals arising in the human eyeball.

To do this, they measured the constant electric potential between the front and rear parts of the eye, which is preserved even in complete darkness and when eyelids are closed. The engineers then developed a device reacting to changes in the electroculographic signal when a person is examined or blinking.

The lens is made of a special polymer, which is expanding when the electric current is supplied and is controlled by the help of five electrodes located around the eye and performing the role of muscles. Therefore, when moving pupils or morgue, the device reacts to incoming signals, changing the thickness, which affects the refractive index and focus.

The team hopes that one day their invention will help create an effective visual prosthesis or chamber managed only with the help of the eye. Technology can also be used to develop adjustable points and remotely managed robotics.

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