Russian scientists synthesize an inexpensive diamond analog 2 октября, 2021


Russian scientists have discovered and began to synthesize new superfoot and wear-resistant materials that will become an inexpensive diamond replacement.

Due to its unique properties, diamonds have been widely used in mining, cosmic and defense industry. They are a standard of a solid solid material that resists friction. However, its disadvantage is the high cost, and the experimental search for decent substitutes by the method of trial and errors is nonrenized.

Therefore, researchers from the Skolkovsky Institute of Science and Technologies and MFTI used a computer algorithm to develop a prognostic tool for finding models of new more affordable materials with an optimal combination of rigidity and viscosity viscosity.

During the work, they applied the newly designed search by Mendeleev, which takes into account all possible combinations of elements in the periodic table, and their algorithm to determine suitable options. As a result, the model predicted a combination of substances with the optimal characteristics of the crystal structure. In this case, the properties of already known materials were predicted with an accuracy of more than 90%, which has proved the effectiveness of the method.

From the data obtained, the so-called «treasure map» was drawn up, reflecting the most promising rigid chemical compounds that can be easily synthesized.

Scientists have already begun to synthesize one of the proposed combinations — Tungsten Pentaberide (WB5), having a high figure of Vickers ~ 45 GPa hardness (in diamond 60-120 GPa) and the viscosity of the destruction of ~ 4 MPa M0.5. It is thermodynamically stable at atmospheric pressure and, according to forecasts, will retain excellent mechanical properties even at 2000 K.

The study is part of an industrial project dedicated to the search for new materials for drilling bits used to access oil and gas fields.

Previously, we also reported that engineers produced

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