Russian scientists taught industrial robots to act in terms of the situation 2 октября, 2021


Scientists have developed software, thanks to which industrial robots can independently adjust their actions in a changing working environment.

A team of engineers from the Far Eastern Federal University and the Russian Academy of Sciences implemented in practice a new principle of intellectual management of automated production systems. The technology allows robots using technical vision, create a virtual image of the working space, recognize each billet and determine its actual position. When working with large objects, the system can also take into account deformations arising from their fixation.

Based on the data obtained, the program in real time adjusts the trajectory and speed of operations. This ensures efficient operation of devices in conditions of uncertainty.

Using technology, robots operate with their tools with a dynamic control accuracy of about 0.5 mm. The problem is that for some processes, the error should not exceed 0.1-0.2 mm.

Scientists argue that such an indicator of inaccuracy of movements is associated with the lack of making the robots themselves and in the world, the solution of this task is still not found. However, the team has developed a method that allows you to eliminate this problem with the help of special test movements. After successful tests on models, engineers are now engaged in its practical implementation.

Positive results will mean that the team made a breakthrough in the field of practical application of automated equipment. According to developers, methods created, algorithms and software are universal and applicable not only to industrial, but also underwater, flying,

The technology has already been implemented at the Dalpribor MDC factory.

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