Samsung began shooting football matches on camera 8K 2 октября, 2021


Samsung began using 8K cameras to offer more content with ultra-high resolution for their products.

South Korean technical giant used six such camcorders for shooting the matches of the International Cup of Champions held in Singapore, Manchester United — Inter Milan and Tottenham Hotspur — Juventus.

According to Samsung representatives, such quality allows you to capture the smallest details of what is happening, including the expressions of persons players and viewers. 8K video matches will be available on the company’s pages on social networks and in the new QLED TV line in September.

Samsung reported that it would continue to create content with ultra-high resolution for the TV market, since at the end of last year the next-generation home televisions were first. However, the deficit of suitable content became the main obstacle to the mass commercialization and popularization of the format, both among consumers and among the manufacturers of technology.

In June, LG also began taking pre-orders for 8K OLED TVs, and in April Sony introduced

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