Samsung is developing a graphene battery charging during minutes 2 октября, 2021


Samsung plans to create a quick-circuit-free graphene battery for smartphones and hopes to start their mass production in the next few years.

After problems with overheating in Galaxy Note 7, the South Korean giant began working on creating a worthy alternative to lithium-ion battery. Reportedly, the company intends to issue at least one model of the phone with a graphene battery until 2022.

Researchers suggest that new devices will be able to fully charge in less than half an hour, will be easier, safer, more efficient, and perhaps even flexible. However, engineers still work on an increase in their power and a decrease in production cost.

In 2017, Samsung declared the development of graphene material, which can be charged five times faster than standard lithium-ion batteries. It is still definitely unknown when the company’s experts will be able to achieve the necessary performance indicators, but the new type of batteries will be able to withdraw the gadgets for a qualitatively new level.

The South Korean technical giant works in parallel over other innovative projects. Last year, the company patented the display technology projected

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