Scientists have created the first iron-ion battery with high capacity 2 октября, 2021


The researchers produced a prototype of an iron-ion battery with a soft steel anode, the container of which reaches a level of 55-60% lithium-ion.

As electronic devices develop, the need for sources of their power is increasing. Due to limited lithium reserves, scientists explore technologies based on alternative materials.

The team from the Indian Technology Institute of Madras as the basis of a rechargeable battery took the iron ignorated over the years, which has the same physicochemical properties, as well as lithium, but with a higher oxidative and reduction potential of ions.

A vanadium oxide (V2O5) was used as a cathode for iron-ion batteries, due to the long distance between the layers in its structure. This feature allows iron ions to easily move and interact with the cathode, and also simply return to the anode.

After testing various combinations of electrolytes, scientists stopped on the air containing dissolved iron perchlorate, which turned out to be the best option of the ionic conductory.

The capacity of the capacitance of the prototype created under controlled conditions was 220 VTC / kg or 55-60% of the performance of the lithium-ion battery. In the manufacture of a device in environmental conditions, the capacity decreased by 15-20%. Tested prototypes continued to operate for 150 charging cycles and discharge while maintaining 54% of the capacity and good stability indicators after 50 cycles.

The iron-ion battery does not boast of high capacity, but it is made of the most common metal and has a fairly high potential to become cost-effective and safe alternative to lithium batteries.

Currently, a team of physicists is engaged in improving the performance of the device and the search for the best cathode materials.

Previously, we also reported the development of a battery prototype with a glass electrolyte, the container of which with time

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