Scientists have found a way of making durable graphene «paper» 2 октября, 2021


The study of the international team of scientists has shown that to create durable «paper» from graphene oxide it is necessary to mix solid flakes with flexible porous.

C graphene oxide (GO) is a graphite derivative and usually has a kind of tiny flakes with a thickness of about 1 nm. Since it is much easier to get it than two-dimensional graphene, the scientists study oxide as a perspective material for the formation of macrostructures. When the GO solution is poured onto the filter and remove water, thin «paper» is formed, with a diameter of about 5 cm and a thickness of no more than 40 microns, the scales of which are held together only at the expense of the intermolecular power.

It is believed that the better than the original component material, the better the final product will be, but in this case this principle does not work. The bottom line is that solid large flakes are wrinkled, they are not tight enough and emptiness are formed between their layers. On the other hand, small scales are more difficult to form a sheet.

Researchers from the North-West and Hanian universities together studied the impact of holes on the strength of flakes, and in parallel I found a solution to the problem.

Using a mixture of ammonia and hydrogen peroxide, they chemically «poked» holes in Go, making it weak and soft. The team then discovered that paper from porous flakes was stronger than expected. For example, if such single-layer flakes were 70% weaker than solid, then paper from them was only 10% weaker than the hard paper.

However, everything became even more interesting when the team mixed solid and porous flakes. Instead of weakening paper made exclusively from solid elements, the addition of 10% or 25% of the weakest scales reinforced it by about 95% and 70% percent, respectively.

According to scientists, the effect is achieved due to the fact that flexible porous flakes fill empties and improve the distribution of forces throughout the material. They also argue that the principle is applicable to other two-dimensional materials. In the future, the team plans to create durable high-tech fibers from graphene oxide.

Recently, researchers also developed an effective method for the synthesis of graphene sheets from a gum, which reduces the cost of production of two-dimensional material

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