Scientists offered to use cavitation for cancer 2 октября, 2021


Researchers have determined that cavitation bubbles may occur with a much lower pressure than it was believed. This can help develop new cancer treatment technologies and industrial design methods.

Cavitation is called the process of formation and subsequent collapse of bubbles in the fluid flow that can contain rare-cut steam. Their high temperature of the shock waves formed during the destruction cause erosion of materials, which has a harmful effect on the crevice screws of ships, the working elements of pumps, turbines and so on. However, in some cases, cavitation can be useful.

Using the National Supercomputer, engineers from the University of Edinburgh have developed an integrated model of atoms in bubbles and observed how they grew in response to a small decrease in water pressure. It turned out that the critical pressure necessary for the instability of the growth of bubbles is much lower than the theory was assumed.

According to the team, the results of the study can serve as a basis for the development of nanotechnologies, allowing to use the power of thousands of jets from the collapsed nanopubs, for example, for the treatment of certain types of cancer or for cleaning high-precision technical equipment. Scientists also hope that this will help limit a detrimental effect on the performance of cars in the future.

Previously, we also reported that Russian scientists found

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